What are your charges for estate sales? 
   What are your charges for estate sales? Our charges are highly competitive and based on a percentage of the profits of the sale. That percentage varies depending on the scope and complexity of the sale. Where a house has a great deal of clean out, unpacking and physical labor involved the charge is slightly higher than where the house is already relatively clean and organized. The general range is from 25-40%, and would be determined in consultation with the client after examination of the property .

What are your charges for online sales?
We charge 35% of the net proceeds for the sales of items on ebay  - that includes cleaning, researching, photographing, listing, communicating with potential purchasers, packaging and shipping (as explained on Our Services page). Net would be the amount collected after deduction of ebay and paypal charges.
How do you determine pricing?
We have extensive experience with both buying & selling at estate sales and thus have a great deal of expertise in pricing items both to maximize our client's profits and to sell the vast majority of items under the strictures of a two to three day liquidation sale.  Where appropriate we bring in certified appraisers and outside experts at no additional cost to you.

 What do you do with unsold items after the sale is completed? 
We work with our clients to determine the best disposition of unsold items after a sale. Often there is still value to be captured by selling certain items on line or to an estate liquidator.  The remainder would be boxed and donated ( for a tax deduction to the client).   We charge additional fees under special circumstances where a more extensive clean out (use of dumpsters, manual labor, etc ) is desired.

 Why should I work with DC Estates rather than an Auction house? 
Almost always an estate sale will generate more revenue for the family than will consigning household contents to an auction house. First, an auction house will only take the "best" items. By contrast, at an estate sale, we can make money from both the finest antique and your everything items -- office supplies, books, clothes, knick knacks, kitchen contents, etc. Those everyday items often make up to half of an estate's proceeds -- money lost when dealing with an auction house. Second, an auction house generally charges to crate and remove the items, which costs reduce your final results. At an estate sale there are NO costs. We make solely a percentage of the total we are able to generate for you. Third, auction houses generally will place no "reserve" (or minimum) on items valued less than $20,000 -- meaning the client has no control over pricing once its gone out the door. At an estate sale, we set the prices and will ensure that your valuables are not sold at unreasonably low prices. For all of these reasons we highly recommend the estate sale route whenever practicable! 

Do you have references I can check?   
Absolutely, we have many, many satisfied customers who would be happy to speak with you 

Do you charge for consultations?
No, we would be happy to meet with you regarding your needs at no cost to you ! 

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